Login Defender

Login Defender is a system for controlling access to your Windows workstation using a smart card or token equivalent. It replaces the standard Windows authentication module and offers a two-factor login:

smart card + PIN or smart card + biometric recognition of fingerprint

Login Defender supplies a Control Panel that allows to easily configure the smart card and the workstation based on your needs. It supports any PKCS#11 token/smart card in which it securely stores the user credentials (username and password).

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Main features

  • supported platforms: XP, Vista e Windows 7, Windows 8, 32 e 64bit
  • localized for italian and english (other languages on demand)
  • local or domain authentication by username e password
  • OTP (optional) to modify the password after each login
  • compliant with PKCS#11 specifications
  • compliant with any PKCS#11 smart card/token
  • compliant with italian CNS/CRS
  • compliant with MIFARE 1K cards
  • integrated with biometric Match-On-Card (Siemens, Athena, etc)
  • integrated with software biometric match (Precise Biometrics, Biometrika)
  • control panel to manage the software and the smart card/token

Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 2008 screenshot waiting for the smart card insertion.

Windows XP screenshot waiting for the smart card insertion.

Login Defender Control Panel.